Ayurvedic Incense

  • Omved Moksha Reed Jasmine Diffuser Air … Rs.890
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock Inspire to the delightfully reverential scent of the freshest and purest jasmine with the spiritual moksha aroma. The captivating fragrance of jasmine flowers has been used…
  • Omved Aradhan meditative incense sticks, 40 … Rs.300
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock Omved Aradhan meditative incense sticks The Aradhan incense set is a beautifully packaged set of two age-old incense sticks - Sandalwood and Loban. Their purifying aromas will enhance your spiritual practise and fill your home and you with a sense …
  • Omved Dhoop/Incense Burning Charcoal, 30 … Rs.200
    Out Of Stock
    Out Of Stock Omved Dhoop/Incense Burning Charcoal 30 quick lighting charcoal rounds used to burn resins, herbs, incense, and heavy aromatic gums for ceremonies. An Omved charcoal briquette holds…
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