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5 Jul 2017 patent Bulletin. The patent Bulletin appears on the 3rd working day of each week. If the Netherlands patent Office is closed to (54) Filter unit for an extruder assembly ; a filter . (54) WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITES. UTILIZING IONOMER capstockS AND (54) MULTILAYER COMPOUND WITH ONE.

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9. okt 2017 Det foreligger avgjørelse om opphør på grunn av ikke betalt årsavgift i patent/SPC nr. 332629. Avgjørelsen kan fås WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITES UTILIZING IONOMER. capstockS AND METHODS OF MANUFACTURE. (51) Klasse : . (73) Innehaver: Hammerer Aluminium Industries extrusion GmbH, MULTILAYER BODY, CONTAINER, INJECTION MOLDED. BODY AND 

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7 May 2018 /extrusion/en/index.html. GET THE APP. + High-precision weighing utilizing patented SFT digital weighing performance pre-colour capstock compounds, anhydride), which are used for multilayer barrier wpc. AS a result, the strength of the composite is improved and, as the two materials now flow as one, the flow is more lamellar and the flow rate.


Friul Filiere S.p.A. is glad to introduce the new technology, filed for patent, for the extrusion of profiles in composite material named FFCTM. (registered trade mark), obtained from PVC charged with natural fibers and lightened with closed cells.

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Single-service caps, cap stock, containers, gaskets, and other articles for use in direct contact with milk and milk products Structure is also the word used to connote the components and order of a multilayer package material such as a flexible lamination. . Being inexpensive and easy to form by sheet extrusion and thermoforming or injection molding 10.5c), while a fine network with small pore size is observed in wpc-fortified yogurt (Fig. United States patent 3,689, 640.

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Single-service caps, cap stock, containers, gaskets, and other articles for connote the components and order of a multilayer package material . the heat sealable extrusion coatings on paper, paper- board, and Sucralose is made from sugar through a patented process wpc–80. 96.5. 6.0. 80.5. 5.0. 5.0. Whey protein isolate. 96.5. 0.5. 93.0. 1.0. 2.0. Fluid UF milk. 25–30. 11–14. 10–12. <5. >2.5.

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The mixed material is extruded into a die system comprising a transition die, a stranding die and a molding die. This patent discloses a method to produce particle board panels made from wood flakes or other lignocellulosic .. An inline crosshead extrusion die, known to the art, may be installed down-stream of the puller to apply a capstock of .. US20040147625A1 * 2001-04-26 2004-07-29 Dostal David F. Low-density cellular wood plastic composite and process for formation.

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1 Apr 2014 extrusion line and was completed in sold the bulk of its patents and . matched components of the trendsetting ZE BluePower twin-screw extruder series. .. streams of multilayer barrier film containing 10-15% PA be showing its Super-slip master-. Americhem's new eCap high-perfor- mance colour capstock compounds can specialty additives for wood-plastic composites (wpc).

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This video shows the testing phase of our extrusion line for the production of Rigid PVC profiles. Bausano systems include a support bench for the calibration and cooling equipment of the extruded profile. Afterwards, the take off unit consists of&nbsp;

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42 ı 2011. 19.10.2011. 2 375 880 - 2 378 852. Europäisches. patentamt. European. patent Office. Office européen des brevets. Europäisches patentblatt. European patent Bulletin. Bulletin europe´en des brevets&nbsp;

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1. Aug. 2007 European. patent Office. Office européen des brevets. Europäisches patentblatt. European patent Bulletin. Bulletin europe´en MULTILAYER STRUCTURE FILM EXTRUDE DISPOSANT D'UNE TELLE. REGION .. WOOD/PLASTIC COMPOSITE LAYER AND. A SOLID . capstock ACRYLIQUE.

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5. Dez. 2016 werkzeugen, der wpc Profilextrusion oder der In-Line capstock measurement . Further to the extruders Tecnomatic will also display multilayer die-heads of the The hardware-free and patented cam lock design of&nbsp;

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Report 104 Plastics Profile extrusion, R.J. Kent, Tangram. Technology to a patented pultruded composite material guardrail is provided. good weathering performance in PVC capstock compared with the .. North American demand for wood/plastic composites, pegged at MULTILAYER, 27 155 197 199. 208 404&nbsp;

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Manufacturer of polyethylene film, monolayer and multilayer, co-extruded, ultra high-quality, eight-colour printing up Custom profile extrusion; rigid, flexible, dual and tri-extrusions; capstock; design assistance; composite molding; pipe, Royal Group United Plastic Components WOOD-PLASTIC COMPOSITES, RAILING COMPONENTS Acrylon Plastics Over the last 35 years has been a major supplier of innovative patented designs to film manufacturers in over 20 countries.

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Technical patent for LDPE foam FR Compound Viscosity Depressant. Bonding Agent. wpc. Coupling Agent. Color & Functional Additives. Adhesive tape and Textile .. polyolefin plastic compound and injection & extrusion processing.

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However, Borealis's unique patented composition of PP with glass fiber reinforcements is offered as an alternative . However, wpc manufacturers have struggled with aesthetic issues such as color fade, poor scratch resistance in some "Although capstock takes away some of the weathering problems, we continue to take wholistic approach in which we .. for petroleum derived plastics such as polyethylene for uses such as disposable gloves, multilayer food packaging films, and&nbsp;

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6 Dec 2016 By Dr. Robin Kent. 68 Industry patents .. injection molding or sheet extrusion, also works with filled or unfilled nylon is 750 cm. Jansen, who holds more than 40 pultrusion patents, .. data illustrating how multilayer films with EVOH layers improve out any sacrifice of performance in wood-plastic composites. (wpcs). such as adhesion to protective, high-performance capstock.

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capstock made from these materials is said to be a cost-effective alternative to painting, capping, or laminating with and good extrusion processability; and S 747 R UV, an ASA said to provide excellent capstock coverage over foamed PVC cores. . and Carolina Color with a patent-pending masterbatch technology that is said to generate the highest pigment-loaded Dow sources confirmed that they have been able to produce multilayer PE films with up to 50% reprocessed barrier&nbsp;

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15 5,516,472 which issued on May 14, 1996, entitled EXTRUDED SYNTHETIC WOOD COMPOSITION AND METHOD FOR Thermoplastic materials may include multilayer films, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), low density WO2010071879A3 * 2008-12-19 2010-09-23 Fiber Composites, Llc Wood-plastic composites utilizing ionomer capstocks and methods of manufacture.