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Kingspan Access Floors - Introducing a New Standard Kingspan

We're Kingspan Access floors, the only access flooring company in the UK to offer a comprehensive 25-year Total System Warranty on all our access floors.

SpaceAge Synthetics Thermo-Lite Board Applied Plastics Machining

As the Northwest's exclusive dealer, Applied Plastics Machining is proud to offer SpaceAge Synthetics thermo-lite Board®. Great for restoration of boat interiors with high strength fiberglass floor, fiberglass door, and fiberglass decking.

Floor Coverings for Raised Access Floors Materials & Finishes

You can add high quality architectural finishes, including granite, marble, natural stone, ceramic tiles, wood, vinyl, rubber, carpet or High Pressure Laminate (HPL)

Kingspan Access Floors Kingspan MEA & India - Kingspan Group

Kingspan Access floors. World Leader in Access flooring systems. Kingspan Access floors is the world's largest supplier of raised access flooring. We manufacture more than 170,000 access floor panels per week. You can find our access 

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Download all brochures for Kingspan Access floors about our access flooring systems manufactured by Kingspan Access floors.

OPTIM-R Flooring System - Kingspan Group

With a declared thermal conductivity of 0.007 W/m∙K, the Kingspan OPTIM-R flooring System provides an insulating performance enhance U-values in areas that would otherwise be accepted as denigrating the overall thermal performance.

Thermo-Light Board Product Line - Space Age Synthetics

thermo-lite Board® is a unique closed cell, lightweight composite product manufactured with cross-linked polymer foam polymer foam and a matt fiberglass lay-up, this product is a great choice for a wide variety of uses from floor to ceiling.

Data Center Access Floors Tate Kingspan Great Britain

Access floor systems for Data Centres. The perfect data centre environment requires the ability to handle a large number of data cables, the ability to efficiently handle high heat loads that are variable and diverse, and the ability to adapt for 


Why thermo-lite Board® by SpaceAge Synthetics, LTD? thermo-lite Board® is the ideal alternative or replacement for plywood and wood products. thermo-lite Board® is strong, light weight, non-absorbent, and almost indestructible.

Processing Thermo-Lite Board - Space Age Synthetics

thermo-lite Board® is non-absorbent, so water-based adhesives are not recommended. qualifying products applied to or used with our thermo-lite Board® to ensure they are fit for a particular purpose, and suitable System that is registered to ISO 9001:2008, Provides additional protection for the flooring material.