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SUMMARY. A general account is given of forest diseases in trinidad and Tobago, with special emphasis on diseases of teak, Caribbean pine and mahogany. In Jamaica, disease problems in pine plantations were more closely examined than 

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The country of trinidad and Tobago consists of two main islands and a 9,100 hectares of Tectona grandis (teak, introduced In trinidad, the. Forestry Division of the Ministry of Public Utilities and the Environment (MPUE) is the state's sole.

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This dry forest ecoregion comprises only about 5% of the land area of the island-nation of trinidad and Tobago. . citrus, and vegetables, hillside cropping, slash and burn cropping, fire climaxes, and plantation forestry of pine and teak. Mining 

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Jul 01, 2018 - Entire home/apt for $210. This two storey Villa located in the gated community of the Villas on the green situated on Jacamar Drive just along the Mt Irvine Golf course.

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14 Aug 2017 trinidad & Tobago Guardian Online He said exporters whose businesses are suffering after the introduction of the export policy to ban on teak are teak, according to Bidaisee, comes mainly from the government estates and the supply of teak may dwindle if exportation had continued at the current rate.

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6 May 2014 Statement by Senator the Honourable Ganga Singh, Minister of the Environment and Water Resources on the New teak and Pine Policy. Mr. President, the People's Partnership Government is continuing to focus on ensuring 

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Rio Claro is the largest town in southeastern trinidad, in trinidad and Tobago. Rio Claro lies east of Princes Town, west of Mayaro and The area is rich in natural growths of hardwoods mahogany, cedar, appamatte, teak and mora – all of these are commercially harvested by the many small independent timberjacks in the 

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These Burmese teak seeds were planted on the island of trinidad, in the Caribbean over 100 years ago. The Ministry of Forestry of trinidad and Tobago manages these teak forests. This ministry guides and monitors all operations which 

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11 Apr 2010 I was interested in seeing the damage done by the fires in the Cat's Hill teak fields, so on April 11th my dad and myself visited the area. The fire damage to the teak field was severe as expected. trinidad and Tobago Cat's Hill 

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Repsol has been operating in trinidad and Tobago since 1995. The Spanish oil and gas company owns 70% of teak, Samaan and Poui (TSP), a mature field with 14 offshore platforms operated in partnership with the National Gas Company 

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teak and pine plantations. Pure stands of teak plantations and pure stands of pine plantations. Other plantations. Plantation of other local species. 1.2.3 Original data. Note to 1.2.2. * Tropical dry forests in trinidad and Tobago include both 

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3 Jul 2014 Repsol has made a new hydrocarbons discovery in the teak field, offshore trinidad and Tobago, in the TSP block east of the island of trinidad. The find in the TB14 well has upgraded the northern portion of the teak B field 

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teak (Tectona grandis) is one of the world's premier hardwood timbers, rightly famous for its mellow colour, fine grain and . The first teak plantation in tropical America was established in trinidad and Tobago in 1913 (Keogh, 1979) with seed 

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31 Aug 2012 trinidad and Tobago forest environment teak plantations Moruga Cat's Hill Reserve birds animals snakes butterflies trinidad hunting wildlife.

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23 Jul 2017 Facing hardship since the government banned the export of lumber last year, sawmillers in south trinidad are finding it hard to keep their businesses afloat. As a result trinidad & Tobago Guardian Online. menu Rambharat said it was too early to assess impact on ban of downstream users of teak.

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PM: I ask you to reject all misinformation about anti-Muslim policies in trinidad and Tobago because that is not a fact. 0 replies 0 retweets 3 . trinidad and Tobago has teak stands and we do not have an industry for teak furniture. 1 reply 2 

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trinidad and Tobago's strong tradition in forest management means that SFM has a good footing in the country; however, significant Most timber production derives from planted forests; the main species are teak and Caribbean pine. At least 

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teak and pine plantations. Pure stands of teak plantations and pure stands of pine plantations. Other plantations Plantation of other local species. * Tropical dry forests in trinidad and Tobago include both deciduous and semi-evergreen 

Local Saw Millers participate in State owned Teak and Pine Lottery

18 Mar 2015 The Lottery sought to ensure the equitable distribution of state timber resources to eligible saw – millers in trinidad and Tobago. The 6420 hectares of traditional mixes hardwood forests which are a valuable source of income 

Development of a Mature Giant Offshore Oil Field, Teak Field, Trinidad

ABSTRACT The teak Field is located 25 miles off the southeast coast of trinidad in 190 feet of water, and has produced 250 million barrels of oil in its first 18 years since 1972. The original oil-in-place is estimated at 740 million barrels and 

Performance of Trinidad Gas Reservoirs (Cassia, Immortelle

The teak, Cassia, Flamboyant, Immortelle, Mahogany, and Amherstia gas fields are operated by bp trinidad and Tobago (bpTT) and they are located between 20 and 40 miles off the southeast coast of trinidad (see Figure 1). The initial gas 


of forest produce along the coast of trinidad or Tobago. trinidad and Tobago any Balata gum in contravention of the .. teak. Tectona grandis. 63. Toporite. Hernandia sonora. 64. White Mangrove. Languncularia racemosa. 65. Yellow