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8 Jun 2013 Then received letter in mail from that they had been notified and never filed a claim. I don't have the mold issue so much as the flaking and warping. Had a few boards really swell up and they had to be removed and 

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16 Jun 2008 I have been reading the posts on and the problems including mold and mildew and sagging. We built our deck about 4 Ours has mildewed and warped and is less than 4 years old and looks a mess. Gwen G Parham.

Trex decking problems - Forum - Bob Vila

27 Apr 2008 knew they had an issue with the fascia warping long before you filed a warranty claim. You would have to look into there files. For photos and complaints from customers and dealers but it is all very hush hush. Which with 

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18 Apr 2010 my father built a huge deck out of maybe 9 years ago. its beautiful, and there has been no problems with mold, etc. which is causing warping. my father passed away last summer and my mom is wanting to get this fixed, 


28 Aug 2014 forum >; Flooring & Stairs >; 2014 is DANGEROUS BECAUSE IT IS SLIPPERY In the Spring of 2014 we needed to retrofit a small section of the deck and purchased four 16' gray boards which now can ONLY be 

Trex Decking Problem - Forum - Bob Vila

12 Apr 2009 I contacted and they had me fill out a claims form which I did and they sent out an adjuster to inspect the deck. She recommended that the I had the usual problems(rotting, discoloration, warping, etc.) on my deck built in 

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25 Oct 2016 The model, valued at more than $600,000, is the world's first anatomically complete creation of a T Rex, and was made in the UK for National Geographic documentary program T. rex Autopsy. It features removable organs 

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25 Sep 2008 This past year of 2011 and 2012 we have noticed that the boards are curling up on the sides, warping, seperating and in some cases splitting. We have contacterd Timbertech numerous times, sent pictures, receipts, etc.

Trex Decking Problem - Forum - Bob Vila

Ok, I'm one of the many people with a problem. What are we to do? I just purchased a home with decking. The decking is coming apart. When you

Trex deck mold problem - Forum - Bob Vila

7 Jun 2010 We tried the Corte-Clean Composite Deck Cleaner (recommended by as a eco-friendly, non bleach product). It is extremely Also, for the flaking and warping issues, acknowledged there was an issue. The link to 

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23 Apr 2017 I am replacing my deck and my builder recommends Select. I am concerned about it fading. I also read Select does not have a warranty against fa