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Hollow-core concrete slab, renovation, New additional structure: New waterproof roof membrane; Mechanical fasteners; Additional thermal insulation: PAROC.

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8 May 2017 . Highly versatile, hollow-core slabs can also be .. this same strength, as MAPEI brings its below-grade waterproofing systems to the Canadian.

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9 Mar 2017 . Precast concrete is also used, as are wood, metal, and combinations thereof. . A plaza deck is a layer-cake of materials: the waterproofing . How those layers are designed depends partially on the design of the slab itself,.

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High-e ciency water-repellent admixture for vibro-compressed and extruded concrete with dry . admixture for high quality precast concrete & hollow core slabs.

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Hollow core slabs are prestressed floor elements with . Your Guide to Ordering Hollow core Plank. Plank is . best for your garage. A water-proofing membrane.

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core samples through the old roof layers. This will fa- . carrying out waterproofing measures on hollow core slabs, aerated concrete, pumice concrete or similar,.

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12 Apr 2016 . Roof slabs and hollow core slabs. A few more sketches . waterproofing treatment shall be provided at external joints and wet areas to ensure.

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What thickness of Spancrete? hollow core plank do I need? . environments, it is recommended that a waterproof membrane be installed over the plank system.

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3 Apr 2017 . Showing the application steps for the installation of K?STER Joint Tape and K?STER KB-Pox Adhesive in order to waterproof joints on pre cast.

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The CIDB Guide to Precast Concrete and Prefabricated Reinforcement for ... for cleaning must be expected at certain locations and waterproofing of slabs and.

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In parking structures, precast concrete hollow-core slabs, just like any other concrete . ions in a concrete slab is by using a waterproofing membrane or sealant.

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Therefore floor slabs like hollow core slabs, light- weight concrete-slabs and .. will also be waterproof layers for the underlying con- struction. The mat can.

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23 May 2016 . Echo's prestressed hollow-core slabs were specified by PDS Civil and . screeds and a bitumen coating was used to waterproof the roofs.

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Browse products in NBS related to E60 (Precast concrete floors/ roof decks). . Foundation Slab Waterproofing System. Foundation Slab waterproofing system.

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Hollow Core. Hollow Core 3 shelf bearing detail. BEARING DETAIL. WATER .. Precast Garage Floor suspended slabs are set in place and the keyway joints are . Waterproof the perimeter and seams prior to placement of concrete topping! 4.

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beams with precast concrete slabs (P342) and Design of multi-storey braced frames ... designed to produce a workable mix with a low water to cement ratio to ensure .. means that sealing the hollow core ends is not generally required.

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Hollowcore floor planks are precast, prestressed elements . Hollowcore planks, as a flooring system, have .. Using a proprietary waterproofing admixture.

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delays that can occur due to weather. . Hollow core slabs can be used for most applications requiring a solid floor or . including a waterproofing membrane.

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Hollowcore slabs derive their name from the voids or cores which run through the units. The cores can function as service ducts and significantly reduce the.