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electric. The purchase and erection costs of electric fencing vary significantly. + A good electric fence system requires a combination of components that . It combines permanent wooden, metal or fibreglass posts with high tensile steel wire.

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costs are estimated for barbed wire, electric, and high tensile fence. Labour costs are based on the estimation of hours needed to construct each type of fence. Time and labour requirements for fencing are highly variable due to factors such as 

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A high tensile sheep fence has been proven over decades to be a low cost, reliable, and long lasting solution to contain For the ultimate experience in containing your sheep, a high tensile fence can be electrified to make it more secure.

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For example, Zareba fence Systems estimates that materials for a temporary, 2-strand, 14-gauge electric fence costs $0.08 a foot or $408 per mile, and a permanent 6-strand high-tensile electric fence costs $0.29 a foot or $1,517 a mile.

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high-tensile wire electric fences have been used to control cattle and sheep on ranches and farms around the world for over 50 The cost of material for a six-strand high-tensile fence is slightly less than that of a four-wire barbed wire fence.

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11 Oct 2011 high-tensile electric fences are the most secure, permanent electric fence systems. They safely contain your livestock while keeping unwanted wildlife outsid

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24 Mar 2015 This ranks as the top mistake in fencing, be it barbed, high-tensile wire or woven wire. How to fix it: In an electric-fencing system, Derynck reccomends fence post spacing 80-100 feet apart, or about 50 posts per mile.

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low cost to install, and maintain. A power source is an essential requirement for an electric fence. Note that while a high tensile electric fence is compatible with the restraint of most species/classes of livestock, the effectiveness of the specific 

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Compared to non-electric fences, you'll enjoy major savings by using wide post spacing (20 to 50 feet) and lighter end bracing. high-tensile fencing is very low in cost when compared to other options, especially when considering its long 

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high-tensile electric fences last for a long time, are relatively easy to construct, and cost less than other types of fencing. Whereas cattle can often be controlled with 1 or 2 strands of electric wire, sheep require multiple strands, not so much to 

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This publication compares the costs of building a. 1/4-mile (1,320 feet) straight perimeter fence with four different types of permanent fencing plus temporary interior fencing. These are: woven wire, barbed wire, high-tensile non-electric, high- 

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This publication compares the costs of building a quarter-mile (1,320 feet) straight perimeter fence with four different types of permanent fencing plus temporary interior fencing. These are: woven wire, barbed wire, high-tensile non-electric, 

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One of the primary cost considerations is the number and type of electric fence strands that will be in use. Physical fences commonly have between one and 11 strands that can feature a wide range of materials, such as steel and high-tensile 

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29 Feb 2012 He recently released some new data on costs for construction and maintenance for some common fencing types -- woven wire, barbed wire, high-tensile non-electric wire and high-tensile electrified. "Fencing costs are one of 

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"I had read the claims of high-tensile fencing and decided to test for myself whether these were true or not. My first high-tensile fence, built in 1979, was a three-wire electrified fence for cows and heifers. costs were kept to a minimum by using 

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13 Mar 2017 tensile 5 strand min; electrified high tensile 4 strand min; woven wire minimum of 42” high cost Comparison of Fencing Types (costs include all materials Hi-tensile electric fence 4 wire - $.95 - $1.25 per foot (no energizer).

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Max-Flex fence Systems - information on electric fence energizers, and many styles of high tensile fence, electric and most of their predators and some exotic animals, such as alpacas, replacing woven wire fences at about half the cost.

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If you use the proper equipment and maintain the fence the result will be a permanent structure just like the barb wire you use to use. The advantage of using 'electric' or 'high tensile' fences is on average they cost less than a barb wire fence, 

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This wire costs about 12.5¢ per foot, (63¢ per foot for 5 lines) and can be installed with up to 50 foot post spacings when electric wire is also used on the fence. Kencote high-tensile core is Class 3 galvanized (zinc coated) for an expected life of 


3, Click on the text below to view individual fence budgets. 4, •, fence Construction Materials cost (base cost for all budgets). 5, •, Conventional Woven Wire fence. 6, •, high tensile Fixed Knot fence. 7, •, high tensile NON-electric.

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28 Sep 2012 Electrified high-tensile wire fencing may be your best option if you want to construct permanent fences over a large area. electric fencing offers a convenient and cost effective method of containing livestock. Choose the 

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The first high-tensile fence built on Kencove Farms was a three-wire electrified fence for cows and heifers. The pressure treated posts were installed fifty feet apart - keeping material costs very reasonable. The 12.5 gauge H-T wire has much 

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If you will not be installing the fence yourself, you'll need to factor in the cost of labor expense as well for your total horse high tensile electric wire fencing is the least expensive fencing alternative, but conventional high tensile wire (HTW) 

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Hi-tensile fences can be either electric or non-electric. Use this guide to help you determine if hi-tensile fencing is the route you want to take. Benefits of high-tensile Fencing. Better looking. Hi-tensile fences have a smooth, clean appearance