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In essence a roofing Contractor (Division 2 contractor) completing a roof CANNOT certify their work completed or complete credits on the secondary water resistance, roof deck attachment, roof to wall attachment, roof geometry and gable end bracing if any. In our inspections we provide a completed wind mitigation verification form, printed color photos and the photos on a CD for your storage FREE!

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The condition of the existing and any replaced plywood or deck When approved by the Building Division, a roofing Affidavit with photos shall be submitted in PDF format to . R908.7.1 roof decking attachment for site-built single-.

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A windstorm inspection, also referred to as a windstorm mitigation inspection, windstorm insurance inspection or wind mitigation inspection, is a As of Feb 1, 2012, all inspections must have photos showing each feature listed on the wind mitigation form. code, the roof deck attachment, roof to wall connection, roof shape, existence of a SWR and the opening protection of the doors and windows.

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If a photo is not clear or obtainable you will most likely not receive any credit for that inspection item. (3) roof deck attachment: This section refers to how many staples or nails are holding your plywood roof deck to the top of your truss 

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photos will be taken and submitted with the report including all product labels, etching or product approvals and/or Notice of Age of Home; Age of roof; roof Covering; roof deck attachment; roof to Wall attachment; roof Geometry; Wall 

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nail spacing for the deck attachment, type of roof-to-wall fastening system (example: clips or single wrap straps) and Upon completion, the inspector will review the wind inspection with you and give you a copy of the form/photos that you can 

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image. If you are not a general contractor and don't have a background in engineering or architecture, the jargon of building The roof deck attachment is next down the line connecting the roof deck to the trusses or rafters by means of various 

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24 Mar 2014 The roof deck is the backbone and an integral component of all roofing systems. Its main function is to provide structural photos: Hutchinson Design Group Ltd. attachment methods of roof decks vary and also need to be discussed with the structural engineer. You should discuss nails versus screws, 

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15 Aug 2014 The age of the home and roof will be examined and inspectors will also be noting and taking photos of the roof deck attachment, roof to wall connection, roof shape and the existence of a secondary water resistance barrier.

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4 Dec 2017 The new form now requires photos backing up the data on the form. roof deck attachment: What is the thickness of the wood decking and what size and spacing are the nails attaching the wood decking to the trusses?

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3 Oct 2015 •What are the different roof deck attachment discount categories for a wind mitigation inspection? The photo below shows a strap with only two nails securing it to the truss, so it will be dropped back to the toes nails level 

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Phase 4 – roof to Wall attachment: How the trusses are attached to the walls of the home? Proper attachments will qualify for a premium credit. Phase 5 – roof Geometry: If the roof geometry is a “Hip roof” (see photo image #1), you will qualify for a premium credit. the roof/deck attachment, roof to wall connection, roof shape, existence of a SWR and the opening protection of doors and windows.

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(Intermediate) If your roof decking is OSB (chip board) or plywood and is nailed with 8d common nails (min 2-1/4 inches in inch or thicker with large nails holding the decking to your rafters, this qualifies for a Superior roof decking attachment premium discount. To qualify for the discount, documentation of the existence of a qualified SWR is required through photos, or a roofing contractor's affidavit.

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Cementitious. Wood Fiber Products. For Ceilings, Walls, and. roof decks. November 2017. Course Number: AIA - ArmTEC098. IDCEC Features and Benefits of Cementitious Wood Fiber roof deck . Direct Attach Panels – Project photos 

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5 Nov 2015 Sheathing attachment with shorter nails or staples, and/or longer spacing than six inches, gets the lesser “B” or “A” discount. To learn more, see our blog post “What are the different roof deck attachment discount categories for 

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3. roof deck attachment: the weakest form. You must check all attic spaces. roof deck thickness: ______ Include picture. A. 6D Nails or Staples - Photo with ruler showing nail length. B. 8D Nails spaced 6”x12” - Photo with ruler of nail length 

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7 Nov 2015 Photographs taken in the attic that document the roof attachment are required. The inspector finds a “shiner” (nail that is not correctly aligned and sticking of the side of the truss/rafter), and takes a photo of it with a tape 

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We need to document that you have them by taking photos. In addition we need to prove the make and What we look for. Proof of roof Age and Material; roof to Wall Connections; roof deck attachment; roof Shape; Opening Protection 

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Section B – roof deck attachment. Mitigation Techniques Resource Document. roof deck attachment. For the South Carolina Safe Home Program, when a home is being upgraded as part of the Program and the roof covering is removed and 

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Damaged or rotten roof decking and roof framing members to be repaired prior to starting work. compatible primer to the OSB panels to ensure the proper attachment of the Image 6. Image 5. Drip Edge Installation Requirements. • Provide drip edge at eaves and gables. • Overlap to be a minimum of 3 in. at joints.

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A copy of the permit. roof-deck. attachment. (underside of your roof that is visible in your attic). • No attic access Clear photos. • Calculation of roof perimeter versus total square footage. Provide documentation that confirms the total.

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At least one photo documenting the existence of each visible and accessible construction or mitigation attribute marked in Sections 1 at the time of installation. All mechanical equipment must be adequately tied to the roof deck to resist overturning and sliding during high roof deck attachment. Level A – Wood or Other