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Tongue Groove Porch Fix or Rebuild? This Old House

19 Mar 2013 Hi all, I am a new homeowner in an old house circa 1890. the back porch has old tongue and groove on itlooks like 5" × .75".the total size of the porch is about 12 foot by 12 foot..a few the boards have rotted and need to be 

Repairing the Wood Porch on Your Historic House Wisconsin

Learn to assess and repair damage to the wood porch on your historic house. The ends of tongue and groove porch floor boards are typically the areas in which deterioration occurs first. Source: Bob Yapp. Most historic porches have 

Repairing a rotten tongue and groove ceiling Jill Carson

14 Sep 2015 My initial plan was to just cut off the boards that were rotted and replace them with new boards. IMG_0980. The flaw in this plan is that tongue and groove is typically installed so that no two boards end at the same place, so having a section of and groove is not the same width nor thickness as the tongue and groove that was installed on my porch in 1953 when they built the house.

How to Install Tongue-and-Groove Porch Flooring how-tos DIY

Make sure that all nail heads are hammered down and replace any boards that are rotten. Cover the floor with 30-pound felt paper and staple it down. This creates a stable base for the flooring, gives it a bit of cushion, and helps prevent 

How to Replace a Broken Front Porch Board - YouTube

30 Oct 2016 Ask This Old House general contractor Tom Silva fixes a front porch by replacing a deck board. Watch the entire episode: https://thisoldhouse/watch/a

How to Repair a Tongue and Groove Deck DoItYourself

A tongue and groove deck is a type of deck that can be repaired in the same manner as any other type of deck attached to your home. There is no special knowledge or tool that is specifically designed for the repair of a tongue and groove 

How to Replace Porch Flooring Home Guides SF Gate

The flooring may begin to rot, which can cause major damage to the porch if the rot spreads to the joists. Damaged joists are more With a table saw, cut off the bottom part of the groove so that it will sit on top of the tongue of the old flooring.

How to Replace Tongue and Groove Porch Boards

Tounge and groove porch flooring - YouTube. Apr 7, 2013 What kind of porch flooring should you use or not use. Tom Stroup tongue and groove Repair and Replacement - Duration: 10:50.[ Chat online +] 

Repair for an Old Wooden Porch - Extreme How To

17 May 2017 In order to repair my porch I needed to use tongue-and-groove (T&G) lumber. However, I've yet to find any place that sells pressure-treated T&G lumber. The flooring that I was replacing was untreated 1×4 T&G pine. I decided 

Old House Authority ~ Ask the Authority: Porch Floorboards

Q: I need to replace some rotten tongue and groove porch floorboards that were installed only a few years ago. What can I do to ensure that the new ones won't deteriorate just as quickly? A: The rot organism requires three ingredients in order 

Smart U Video 409 Porch Floor Repair - YouTube

7 Jan 2013 SmartURemodeling's shared video file. If you have an old house with a front porch with a wood floor. You will want to view this video How to replace wood flo

Front Porch Fix-up This Old House

How to replace weathered, rotting outdoor flooring. OTHER VIDEOS. How to Build porch Stairs. Step one // Front porch Fix-up . Tilt the trimmed piece and slide its tongue all the way into the groove of the old decking. Gently tap the groov 

How to Repair Tongue and Groove Porch Flooring DoItYourself

When you are working with tongue and groove porch flooring, there are things that can go wrong with it. No matter how well you take care of your flooring, it will still need to be repaired from time to time. As long as you keep up with these 

How to Install Porch Floors - Video 1 - YouTube

8 Jul 2011 installs porch Flooring. We used AZEK Brand Cellular PVC porch Floor, but this detailed video series applies to any porch flo

Pine Porch Ceiling - YouTube

20 Apr 2015 Contractor Larry Landers installs V-groove pine on the ceiling of the new front porch and demonstrates how to stagger and miter boards for an attractive, old

DIY: How to Replace Your Front Porch Flooring - YouTube

20 Feb 2014 Visit Fred for more DIY home repair tips and solutions: / We service DC, Maryland and Virginia Metro areas as well as Williamsburg


porch FLOORING REPAIR. If the wood on your porch landing feels spongy, or if a few of the flooring boards have rotted “groove.” These ends are made to work together to hold the flooring down, with the tongue of each flooring piece 

How to Fix a Rotten Wood Porch Floor Home Guides SF Gate

Install the boards using whatever technique is appropriate for your porch. To match the existing floor, you may have to drive nails or screws through the tops of each board into the joists. If you're using tongue-and-groove boards, you may have 

Fixing the Porch - Restoration & Design for the Vintage House Old

11 Feb 2011 The new porch is not only picture-perfect, it's built to last, thanks to thoughtful structural details. Ted arrived to find a porch with rotten tongue-and-groove decking, disintegrating steps, falling-off balusters, columns compressed into the floor, and a . Best practices for construction and techniques for repair.

Wood Porch Repair and Painting Project Today's Homeowner

Watch this video to find out how to remove and replace rotten wood porch flooring, repair wood siding for painting, and porch Flooring: The rotten wood porch flooring was removed and replaced with pressure treated, tongue-and-groove, 

How to Replace Hardwood Floor Boards in a Tongue and Groove

5 Nov 2012 For a free estimate or any questions, please call Amherst Finishing at (716) 907-2746 today! This video shows the process from start to finish of how to remo

How to Replace Porch Flooring DoItYourself

Step 4. Install the remaining pieces until you reach the board that will be next to old flooring. Mark the position of each joist on the adjoining board. With a table saw, cut off the bottom part of the groove so that it will sit on top of the tongue of the 

Understanding Porches - Restoration & Design for the Vintage

31 May 2016 Best practices for construction and techniques for repair. porch Floors Historically, porch floorboards were milled from vertical grain 5⁄4" tongue-and-groove Douglas fir, which meant they were fully 1" thick. The ends were 

How to Repair Rotten Porch Flooring and Railings Today's

When repairing or replacing rotten wood on a porch, be sure to use rot resistant materials and paint or stain all sides How to Repair Rotten porch Flooring and Railings Installing tongue and groove ipe flooring with stainless steel screws.