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A hollow core slab, also known as a voided slab, hollow core plank or simply a concrete plank is a precast slab of prestressed concrete typically used in the construction of floors in multi-story apartment buildings. The slab has been especially 

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composite floorS. A combination of the Bison hollow core Slab with a structural concrete topping. This type of floor gives the benefit of an increased structural performance with an enhanced lateral load distribution where necessary for 

Hollowcore Slabs on Steel Frame Building - YouTube

23 Mar 2012 Video taken at Tarmac Topfloor's site in Daventry. Spiroll 260mm deep hollowcore slabs being installed onto a steel frame building.

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16 May 2011 Spanwright Concrete produce precast reinforced, prestressed hollowcore and Block & Beam flooring concrete floor

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Spanwright are the team of skilled personnel who handle most of our projects involving precast concrete flooring, precast concrete stairs, precast concrete landing slabs, customised concrete wall panels and bespoke concrete solutions.

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Wideslab precast concrete floor has advantages over hollowcore floors. Available in 100/150/200mm Precast concrete floors constructed in ACP's wide slab plank system is suitable for all floor levels from ground to roof. composite flooring built up using a prestressed plank and insitu structural screed to also available.

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30 Aug 2017 O'Reilly Concrete hollowcore Thermal floor slabs are pre-stressed concrete elements with continuous longitudinal voids formed using polystyrene void formers. Innovative casting system in the manufacture of pre-stressed 

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Loadspan tables for hollowcore concrete flooring. (Dense Slab), 2.94, 11, 7.40, 7.40, 7.40, 7.35, 7.08, 6.64, 6.27, 5.06. 200, 3.10, 11, 9.40, 9.40, 9.40, 9.40, 9.26, 8.69, 8.21, 6.65. 250, 3.43, 6, 10.80 Prestressed hollowcore composite 

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hollowcore floor Units used in residential estate project consisting of a selection of single-story, two bedroom in the residential construction sector, identified Spanwright as the most suitable firm to supply concrete slabs to the project.

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Precast hollowcore flooring is a reinforced concrete product ,used at ground and first floor of many house and residential units. Cantilever up to 1500mm achievable in standard units; 210 Slab meets airborne sound resistance of 300kg/m2.

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AG are one of the UK's largest manufacturers of prestressed concrete hollowcore flooring – and with good reason. AG Precast have the scale and experience to

Prestressed Hollowcore Flooring - Private House, Dublin

Prestressed hollowcore flooring used at different levels in a new house on an existing site where the old building had been Slabs were supported by a mixture of formed in-situ concrete walls, block walls and structural steel supplied and 

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hollowcore is an extruded, prestressed concrete slab with continuous voids to reduce weight and cost. It is primarily Filling of cores may be requested. Series Designation Example. 8808T. INDICATES composite TOPPING. NUMBER OF 

Composite action of precast hollow core slabs with structural topping

Abstract. There is no interface reinforcement in composite floors made of HC slabs covered with structural topping. In such structures, the preparation of the top surface of the precast element has a major influence on longitudinal shear strength 

Double floors using hollow core floor units and TT panels

In practice of the precast concrete structures depending on the openings and loading intensity hollow core floor units ( Fig. 1.a) [1] and TT panels ( Fig. 1.b) or solid composite flooring type units using thin-slabs with stirrup type connectors ( Fig.

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5 Jan 2018 Our precast hollowcore slabs feature high-strength, pre-stressing stands embedded in slip formed concrete. hollowcore is primarily used as a floor and roof deck system and hollowore has many innate qualities such as being durable, non-combustible, mold hollowcore Load Table – No composite.

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hollowcore slabs are prestressed floor elements with hollowcore plank is used on a wide variety of building Fully composite toppings will relieve both joint and camber issues and have the added benefit of increasing the system's strength.

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FP McCann is the UK's market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive Beam & Polystyrene Panel flooring/Ancillaries. 10 . PANEL. SOLId composite PLANK LOAd/ SPAN TAbLE.

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composite Plate flooring (or plank flooring) is a popular solution for commercial projects for large areas such as shopping centres & multi-story car parks. Services can be easily accommodated within the depth of the finished slab and impressive fire resistance, thermal and After the precast units have been placed and reinforcement positioned, the topping is poured and the floor will behave as a 

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Having introduced our first hollowcore floor slab in 2001, Spanwright now offer a wide variety of depths in both reinforced and Fast installation and reduced time and associated site risks make precast concrete flooring the obvious choice for 

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Precast concrete composite flooring has many advantages: high load bearing capacities, high thermal mass & good The dense concrete slab used in the ACP wideslab system has benefits in acoustic performance over hollowcore flooring.

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As with our other flooring products, hollowcore slabs can be used with masonry, steel precast and insitu forms of For alternative load/ span combinations, including service hole requirements or composite designs, please consult the FP 

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Advantages of an EnCon Precast hollow-core Residential floor System . .. The slab serves as a ceiling for . 2” composite thickness mid-span, an additional 25 psf dead load, and a 28-Day topping strength of 4000 psi. Product Code